V Bozeman Shines On Tour

Raw Entertainment V Bozeman



Timbaland’s protégé stuns with powerhouse performances on 25-city tour

LOS ANGELES, CA (Nov. 23, 2015) – Singing sensation V Bozeman (Mosley Music Group) has been traveling city to city creating a soulful escape for crowds across the nation alongside R&B greats Raheem DeVaughn and Leela James on “The Love ‘N Soul Experience” Tour. From the iconic Apollo Theater in New York City to Club Nokia in L.A. on the West Coast, V captivated thousands of new fans performing her hit single “What Is Love” which debuted on FOX’s hit show Empire.


Last week V had a surprise guest appearance made by her friend and fellow R&B sensation Timothy Bloom as they performed their sexy hit record “Til The End of Time” which has garnered 2.5 million views!!! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=np_dW7yzhM8  “This is my first national tour and I’m having the time of my life!” says the bold beauty. Check out these images of her performing at a few of the hot spots across the country.


Keep up with V Bozeman on Twitter: @ThatGirl_V and Instagram: @VBozeman

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E-40 Releases New EP



 The Rap Icon Drops First E.P. In Over 20 Years!

Raw Entertainment E-40




VALLEJO, CA (Nov. 20, 2015) – Hip-Hop icon E-40 releases his highly anticipated new E.P. titled “Poverty & Prosperity,” his first in over 20 years since his 1993 E.P. “The Mail Man.” The Bay Area Ambassador shows no signs of slowing down with the release of this new project on the heels of debuting his hot new single “Gamed Up” featuring artist Rayven Justice.

“In the midst of working on my two albums, ‘Sharp On All 4 Corners Volume 3 & 4,” the good Lord tapped me on the shoulder and gave me an assignment. He told me to speak to the people, to tell it like it is and call it how you see it…E-40 you got something to say!” explains the rap veteran.

Fresh off his nomination for Best Hip-Hop Song of the Year at the Soul Train Awards for his collaboration with Big Sean on “IDFWU,” and releasing four new remixes of his hit single “Choices” featuring French Montana & Kid InkZeroSlim Thug & Kirko Bangz50 Cent & Snoop Dogg; and Migos & Rick Ross, E-40 continues to show the next generation of artists how hard work and consistency pay off.

After three decades in the game, E-40’s talent and business savvy keep him relevant in an ever-evolving industry, while also allowing him to branch out into the beverage industry with a historical launch of his signature Earl Stevens Selections, Sluricane Hurricane and his new 40-ounce malt liquor hitting shelves in December.

Also available here: 



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Jason Aldean Tour Dates and Concert Tickets

Jason Aldean takes home the ACM Male Vocalist of the Year. Find tickets to see one of Jason’s amazing 2016 concerts at TicketFounder!

Jason-Aldean concert tickets

We have to give our country friends some love on occasion, so here is some concert tour news for you!

With six albums under his belt, Jason Aldean has been cranking out hits since his first release, Hicktown, came out in 2005.  That was the first single from the album Jason Aldean, which produced two top ten hits on the Country charts.  He won Top New Male Vocalist at the 2006 ACM Awards, and Aldean has not slowed down since!
Jason Aldean will hit the road early and often in 2016.  The Australian leg of his tour kicks off March 8th in Melbourne.  Before that, Aldean will be touring the United States starting January 14th.  He will play dates until the end of February.
After he returns from the land of down under, Aldean will be back at it with more US dates starting April 29th.
You can find all of the Jason Aldean tour dates and concert tickets at Ticketfounder.com.  Whether you are in the Midwest, the Northeast, or in the South, grab your tickets for Jason Aldean as he kicks off the new year in a city near you.
In may, Aldean will be a part of the Bayou Country Superfest in Baton Rouge.  He will be performing with some of the biggest stars of Country Music, including Luke Bryan, Lady Antebellum and Dierks Bentley, among others.
The Superfest will roll into the Buckeye state, stopping in Columbus for a pair of dates in June.
If that’s not enough, those of you in Wisconsin will be treated to Country Jam USA near the end of July.  And finally, Aldean will be a part of the 2016 Mountain Home Country Music Festival.  This is a three day event, so be sure not to miss it!
This is your chance to see Jason Aldean up close and personal, so grab your tickets and get ready to see the show!

E-40 Drops New Single


Raw Entertainment E-40

The Bay Area Ambassador unveils new music produced by Rick Rock ahead of his highly anticipated new EP “Poverty & Prosperity”

VALLEJO, CA (Nov. 16, 2015) – E-40 is giving fans something new to rock with his Rick Rock-produced single “Gamed Up” featuring L.A. artist Rayven Justice. The new banger is a preview of what’s to come on E-40’s highly anticipated upcoming E.P. dubbed “Poverty & Prosperity,” due to be released on Nov. 20th.

The Hip-Hop icon wasted no time in dropping new music after putting out four new remixes of his hit single “Choices” featuring French Montana & Kid InkZeroSlim Thug & Kirko Bangz50 Cent & Snoop Dogg; and Migos & Rick Ross.

The Bay Area Ambassador, who was recently nominated for Best Hip-Hop Song of the Year at this year’s Soul Train Awards for his collaboration with Big Sean on the hit song “IDFWU,” continues to stay on the grind, releasing new music and hit records while successfully dominating the beverage industry with his signature Earl Stevens Selections, Sluricane Hurricane and his new 40-ounce malt liquor.

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Kenny Kingpen Video No Brakes

Kenny Kingpen Video No Brakes

Screen Shot 2015-11-09 at 11.04.07 PM


LA Artist Turns Up The Heat With Exciting New Visual Off Upcoming EP


Burning rubber and hot chicks create the theme for the exciting new visual “No Brakes” as Kenny Kingpin gears up to release his EP titled “Better Than Dope Money.”

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Joyner Lucas Champagne For Everybody

Joyner Lucas Champagne For Everybody

Money what


Artist Rein-acts Shady Life Altering Experiences With Racism, Robbery, Sex Scandal and Industry Woes

(New York, NY) November 9, 2015 –  Fresh off the BETHHA Cypher, Joyner Lucas takes us on a journey of life in his new video “Champagne For Everybody” based upon real life incidents.  Written by Joyner Lucas and directed by Ben Proulx “Champagne For Everybody” is a video that demonstrates that old saying of “forgive but don’t forget”says Joyner.

“It’s basically me talking about forgiving those who have done wrong to me and even taking the extra step and treating them to some champagne as a peace treaty. I actually wrote the video concept before I wrote the song. It’s based on the idea of “what goes around comes around”.. here I am watching everyone who’s done wrong to me fall off, as I sit in my limo and reflect on life. I’m inviting them into my limo as we pop champagne and eat together remembering what they did to me in the past. This video means a lot to me because it is very relevant to my life. I always struggled with the idea of forgiving my enemies. This video is a example of a “WWJD?” moment. As we grow we learn to handle situations differently than we normally would.

joyner on ground

Recently winning Outstanding Artist of the Year award, Joyner Lucas also won Best Video of the Year for his breakout video “Ross Capicchioni,” at this year’s Underground Music Awards (UMAs) in New York City. Prepping for the release of his EP “Hollywood” slated to release this month, Joyner Lucas continues to release passionate double-take visuals that evoke emotion from his fans. Committed to his craft, keep up with Joyner Lucas @joynerlucas on all social media platforms.


Muzooka Music Platform For New Artists

Muzooka Music Platform For New Artists

Raw Entertainment Muzooka

So, you are a singer, a band, or even a DJ.  How do you get out there and perform?  You have been rehearsing in the garage or in the back yard, and the adults have had enough.  They appreciate that you have the drive and the commitment, but damn, get out there and perform in front of a crowd!

BT (before tech) you needed to get into your car drive to all of the venues and clubs in the area and drop off demo tapes with the hope that the club manager would call you for an audition.  Depending on where you live, there may not be many venues nearby, so if you did not live close to a major city, you were in trouble.  You can always relocate to chase that dream, but many times that is not an option.

But this is the 21st century.  We have the internet now, so it is easy, right?  We can just build a site, throw our music up there, and the music biz will come running!
That does not quite work out either.

If any of the above scenarios pertain to you, we have some good info for you. Shawn Wilson, founder of Muzooka, is aiming to fill in the disconnect between new artists and music industry insiders.

Shawn has been founding, operating and financing businesses for the past 15 years.  In 2002, Shawn founded Muzooka Inc after 6 months of research and having had access and being able to interview 100’s of top music industry members.

We asked Shawn if this all started because he was a musician or had a background in the music industry.  “I’m a tech geek and have been for 16 years, I love building products/apps that can create a “network affect”.  Muzooka just happens to be in an industry that I am super passionate about. The weekend isn’t complete without hitting my favorite record shop.”
For those of you who are under 30, a record shop is a place where music lovers spend hours at a time shuffling through vinyl albums and 12-inch singles, trying to uncover that rare remix of their favorite song.  There was nothing like going to the record store!

It is really easy to get started.  There’s no screening process to add your music.  “Anyone can upload and there is no fee to the artist. We do two things to help deal with the amount of content. First our “hot” chart shows venues bands that are trending from within our system, and second and possibly more important is our discover feature which ask bands to select what they think is the best 10 seconds of the song when they upload their tracks.  The venue owners can then listen to those 10 second bites and sift through the content very quickly. If they like something they can dive deeper and listen to the entire track etc.”

That is the key.  Muzooka has connections with venue owners and industry insiders who visit the site looking for talent.  Shawn said that this phase of the site “started with The Basement in Nashville and (the music venue connections)have grown through word of mouth. We solve a problem that all venues have and are focused on continuing to further solve this issue. Before the end of the year the system will be automated and allow any venue to build their own page with very specific requirements – Location of bands/artists, genre, etc.”

I asked Shawn if there were any success stories to come out of the site.  “With the focus being on connecting bands to venues we have hundreds of success stories, one in specific is a Nashville band (Sound Hound Smith) that played a very popular music festival Live on the Green in Nashville in front of a crowd of 20K. The radio station that hosted the event, Lightning 100, used Muzooka to find Sound Hound Smith and the rest is history.”

With so many songs on the site, I asked Shawn for his top five tracks.  ” Can I give you 8?”
Apollo – https://muzooka.com/apollo/5619
Kid Cadaver – https://muzooka.com/kidcadaver/5563
Whoa Dakota – https://muzooka.com/whoadakota/6667
Ben Miller Band – https://muzooka.com/benmillerband/2932
Behold the Brave – https://muzooka.com/beholdthebrave/2559
Wayne Baker Brooks (ft. Twista, GLC, & Sugar) https://muzooka.com/waynebakerbrooks/310
NameBrand – https://muzooka.com/NameBrand/2191
MC SAV – https://muzooka.com/skillsandvariety/2614

It does not matter what genre you create, Muzooka has got you covered.  There is even an electronic genre for you DJ’s out there.

Create a profile and upload.  Market yourself and impress the music industry folks!!

Gillie Da Kid New Single

Raw Entertainment Magazine



“Single” is off of GILLIE’S debut album “WELCOME TO GILLADELPHIA”

(Philadelphia, PA) November 4, 2015 – Gillie Da Kid recently released his debut album “Welcome to Gilladelphia” on the Relumae Records / Figga Gang imprint. Today the King of Philly drops off a fresh visual performing the record “Single”. In this video viewers will get a chance to see Gillie summon his inner Pharrell, and Robin Thicke, surrounding himself with beautiful, animated women. Gillie Da Kid started off his career as a song writer for Lil Wayne and several other Cash Money artists. Fifteen years later he has finally reached the point where he has honed his skills to put together a body of work that represents his true artistry. “I am not a rapper!” says Gillie “I am an artist”.

Keep up with Gillie @Gillie_Da_Kid on Instagram and @Gilliedakid on  Twitter and Facebook.
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Quarterbird New Track Echo

Raw Entertainment QB-ECHO





The underground stunner is back with a hot new drinking anthem

LOS ANGELES, CA (November 2, 2015) – Quarterbird, former member of the rap duo Kinnfolk, is back with a new song titled “Echo.” The L.A. artist’s new release is reminiscent of an old school meets new school drink anthem for those turn up moments, highlighting his rapping and vocal skills on the catchy hook: “I’mma clear my mind ho, I’mma make it Echo in this *itch, so you gon’ need a drink…”


Echo” is the latest release from the artist who recently toured with Bone Thugs N Harmony, opened for Chris Brown and Tyga, and performed on the Hip Hop Weekly official A3C stage in Atlanta. “My music is truth, it doesn’t matter what I wear or who you see me with! I want you to think I’m fake as *uck! I just want for the people that listen to my music to be driven to turn it on when they are stressed out and need to vent, or when they are working out and need strength. I want my music to motivate, touch and inspire people when appropriate.” Co-signed by industry great Steve Lobel who is known for picking whats next, Quarterbird plans to release new music in search of the one record that will move culture.


Keep up with Quarterbird on Instagram: @QuarterBird1

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E-40 Choices New Remixes

E-40 Choices New Remixes

E40 Choices Remixes Deluxe

E-40 Releases Four Remix Versions of Hit Single “CHOICES” With French Montana, Kid Ink, Zero, Slim Thug, Kirko Bangz, 50 Cent, Snoop Dogg, Migos and Rick Ross

VALLEJO, CA (Oct. 30, 2015) – E-40 is back at it with four new remixes of his award-winning single “Choices.” After dominating the blogosphere with his record-breaking video for the most celebrity cameos in history, the Bay Area native teams up with Hip-Hop’s finest French Montana & Kid InkZeroSlim Thug & Kirko Bangz50 Cent & Snoop Dogg; and Migos & Rick Ross, for four new renditions of the club banger.

“Choices” is the breakout single from E-40’s latest Sharp On All Four Corners triple-disc album. After recently winning “Best Club Banger” at the BET Hip Hop Awards for Big Sean featuring E-40 on “IDFWU” he’s also nominated for “Song of the Year” at the Soul Train Music Awards taking place in Las Vegas on Nov. 6th.

A master at maintaining relevancy, E-40 is currently preparing to release a 7-track EP titled “Poverty & Prosperity.” In addition to the music, the businessman is at the helm of the fasting growing brand in the beverage industry. His “Earl Stevens Selections” wine and “Sluricane Hurricane ” cocktails have proven to reign supreme. But the Ambassador doesn’t stop there; consumers will soon find 40’s new 40-ounce malt liquor beverage pronounced “E-40” on ice cold shelves this fourth quarter!

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Joyner Lukas Wins Best Video of the Year

Joyner Lukas Wins Best Video of the Year

Raw Entertainment News



The East Coast rap artist is fresh off of his BET Hip Hop Awards Cypher debut


NEW YORK CITY, NY  (Oct. 27, 2015)  — Rising Hip Hop star Joyner Lucas continues to make headlines as one of the industry’s hottest newcomers. The East Coast artist was  crowned Outstanding Artist of the Year and also won Best Video of the Year for his breakout video “Ross Capicchioni,” at this year’s Underground Music Awards (UMAs) in New York City.

“It felt good being nominated. Reminded me of the reason I do this…just the idea of finally getting recognized for the work is dope to me. Means they paying attention. And to bring home two awards says a lot in my eyes. At the end of the day it’s the people who choose. The fans…and that’s the reason I do this. For the fans…” Lucas says.

Raw Entertainment News Joyner Lucas

The indie rap artist is fresh off dominating the blogs with his debut in the coveted BET Hip Hop Awards Cypher alongside Charles Hamilton, Jackie Spade and Tink. In case you missed his performance:

Joyner Lucas continues to keep the new music coming with the recent release of his single “Jumanji” featuring Hip Hopheavyweight Busta Rhymes.

Keep up with the latest news about Joyner Lucas on Twitter & Instagram: @JoynerLucas

Joyner Lucas with another artistJoyner Lucas holding awardsJoyner Lucas and His teamJoyner standing in New York

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Raw Entertainment Bria ROYAL




The L.A. rapper goes against the grain in a bold & beautiful approach to uplifting

 today’s women

LOS ANGELES, CA (October 27, 2015)  — Up and coming L.A. rapper Melo KĀN took his bold Royal” campaign  a step further with his controversial cover of Chris Brown’s hit record “Loyal.” Melo KĀN’s “Royal” rendition highlights how women may be victims of rape and abuse that leave haunting affects on how they conduct themselves as adults, while also challenging men to start giving women the respect they truly deserve.

With standout lyrics including “Real men teach boys women ought to be respected…These girls are royal. My job as a man is to protect and love you,” Melo KĀN belts out an entirely new song with a meaningful purpose over the popular track. The creative artist also releases stunning visuals featuring Melo painting the word “Royal” on the beautiful bare back of model Bria Myles while highlighting women everywhere as “Queens” instead of “hoes.”

Daring and unpredictable, you never know what Melo KĀN, best known for his collaboration with Kendrick Lamar on the song “You Don’t Like,” might release next in his buzzed about “Royal” campaign. Melo Kan recently released an incredible record titled ShoOut which is another ode to beautiful women empowering them to ShoOut! Stay tuned…

Keep up with Melo KĀN and his “Royal” Campaign on Twitter and Instagram: @MeloKAN

Melo Kan and Bria Myles 2 Melo Kan and Bria Myles Queen

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Gillie Da Kid Album Drop

Gillie Da Kid Album Drop

Raw Entertainment Gillie Da Kid Cover



The rap star releases new video for new hood anthem “Young Bull” alongside fellow Philly artist Quilly

PHILADELPHIA, PA (Oct. 23, 2015)  — Philly rap star Gillie Da Kid(Relumae Records) drops his highly anticipated debut album titled “Welcome 2 Gilladelphia.” His first album ever features a list of artists including Pusha T, Stacy Barthe, Jeremih, Bianca J, PnB Rock and more. In addition to the 15-track album, Gillie Da Kid releases a brand new visual for the hood banger “Young Bull” featuring fellow Philly artist Quilly. “Welcome 2 Gilladelphia” is a follow up to Gillie’s hugely successfull King of Philly 3 mixtape, featuring the likes of The Game, Waka Flocka, Jadakiss, Trae Da Truth and more.


Stay up to date with Gillie Da Kid on Twitter: @GillieDaKid and Instagram: Gillie_Da_Kid

Get Album Here


  1. Bout Da Life
  2. Real
  3. Born King f. Big Ooh and Ab Liva
  4. We Goin Win f. PnB Rock
  5. Tryna Get Me One f. Pusha T
  6. Single
  7. Not Ready To Go f. Stacy Barthe
  8. Fireplace
  9. All I Really Want
  10. Tattoo f. Jeremih
  11. Tellin
  12. Like Me
  13. King Me
  14. Ass Like Dat f. Bianca J
  15. Blow My High

“Young Bull” – Gillie Da Kid x Quilly

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Joyner Lucas ​&​ Busta Rhymes ​​Are J​​umanji

Joyner Lucas ​&​ Busta Rhymes ​​Are J​​umanji

Raw Entertainment Jumanji Artwork

Joyner Lucas &​ Busta Rhymes Are Jumanji
 BET Hip Hop Awards Cypher Artist Continues To Amaze The Public After An Undeniable On-Air Performance 

(New York, NY) October 22, 2015 –  Slaughtering the BET Hip Hop Award cypher on national TV  in addition to trending on Twitter the night of it’s airing has already put artist Joyner Lucas in a prized positioned. Iconic Rap veteran, Busta Rhymes officially co-signs newcomer Joyner Lucas on lyrically episodic track pronounced, “JUMANJI.”

Just in case you missed what impressed Joe Budden, Charlemagne, Snoop Dogg and more at the BET Hip Hop Awards!
Watch him Twitter & Instagram @JoynerLucas
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Anjali Ranadive Drops Bad Boy Good

Anjali Ranadive Drops Bad Boy Good

Raw Entertainment Anjali Ranadive

Behind-The-Scenes Photos With “Straight Outta Compton” Star, O’Shea Jackson Jr. For ​New Upcoming “Bad Boy Good” Video 

Bad Boy Good – Single – Anjali World

(Los Angeles, CA) October 21, 2015 – Heiress to the Sacramento Kings Anjali Ranadive aka

​ANJALI WORLD recently off tour with pop stars Khalin and Myles.  From half-time shows at the Sleep Train Arena​ with Tyga ​https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mUypj05ecBk to elaborately beautiful videos with French Montana Anjali World doesn’t skip a beat.
​ ​View behind-the-scenes photos below from her upcoming “Bad Boy Good” video
​ with​​ C​o-​S​tar O’Shea Jackson Jr, also the Co-​Star of “Straight Outta Compton” and son of Rap Icon​,​ Ice Cube.
O'Shea Jackson, Jr. and Anjali WorldO'Shea Jackson, Jr. and Anjali World-oO'Shea Jackson, Jr.
Keep up with the beautiful heiress @anjaliworld on social media everywhere!

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Gillie Da Kid Earned It

Gillie Da Kid Earned It

Raw Entertainment 10 Days To Gilladelphia

The King of Philly entices fans with a look into his new album


PHILADELPHIA, PA (Oct. 13, 2015)  — Gillie Da Kid (Relumae Records) returns to the scene with riveting visual “Earned It” to usher in his new album “Welcome 2 Gilladelphia” (W2G). With #W2G set to release October 23rd Philly rapper promises fans he will be dropping music every day until then.


Following his well acclaimed project “KOP3,” The King of Philly is set to team up with the King of The South, Bossie Bad Ass on his sophomore album.


Keep up with what’s new with Gillie Da Kid on Twitter: @GillieDaKid and Instagram: Gillie_Da_Kid


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FERRiS – Way Back

FERRiS – Way Back

FERRiS is a 22 year old artist based in Brooklyn, NY who’s been working on music the past five years with WonderLand being his first release. His biggest musical influence include Kid Cudi & N.E.R.D.  FERRiS is working with Domi Boy (Of the BLKHANDS) & will be working with MakinOut in the future. FERRiS is one of three young artists bringing a new sound to NYC.




Raw Entertainment JOYNER LUCAS



The indie artist continues to release new visuals ahead of his feature on BET’s upcoming Hip-Hop Cyphers




(October 1, 2015) – Rising star Joyner Lucas continues to show his versatile talent as one of today’s hottest rap artists on the come up, with the release of a sensual video for his new single “She Don’t Me.” The East Coast native shows a new side to his fans when he takes it to the strip club in the sexy new visual, produce and directed by Motion Family, that’s “not safe for work!”

The indie artist, who will be featured on BET’s upcoming Hip-Hop Cyphers, is fresh off of releasing his gritty visual for his recent single “Long Way” as well as the buzzed about, graphic video for “Ross Capicchioni” (based on a true story).

Follow Joyner Lucas on Twitter & Instagram: @RealJoynerLucas

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CIV Official – Take Money 2 Make Money Official Mixtape

CIV Official – Take Money 2 Make Money Official Mixtape


CIV Official recently dropped his newest mixtape, Take Money 2 Make Money. With the production handled mostly by LA’s unknown NoScale and London’s rising star Drae Da Skimask, Official laces 12 beats with a nonchalant yet aggressive flow. Lyrically subtle but thorough, his words will sound simple, impress you and fly over your head all at the same time. This project is a smooth ride the whole way through, with even the more upbeat songs maintaining a relaxed, smoked out feel.

Video for the first single, “Personals.”