DJ Equipment Options

By RawKeith / February 28, 2017

If you are setting out to become a be a DJ, a disk jockey, one the most challenging things you will come across is to buy your own equipment. It will be challenging not because of anything else, but because DJ equipment is costly. For you to buy all the equipment you need,  you will have to spend thousands of dollars. To have what you need to be a DJ, you wont have to buy only on piece of equipment but many. A DJ can mix and match components of different qualities and price ranges to make the complete outfit suit a budget plan.  This is similar to the aspiring musician.  It depends on the type of instrument that you need to buy.  A person who wants to be a guitarist, for example, will find several options to find the best acoustic guitar to suit their needs.

What exactly do you need?

One of the most expensive pieces of equipment that you will need to buy is a mixer. Sound mixers vary from make to make and from model to model.  Their cost will depend on their features and their quality. You can buy a DJ mixer for a couple hundered dollars to a few thousand dollars. If you are new to the disk jockey business, it is suggested that you only spend only a few hundred dollars. The less expensive mixers can work just as well as the more expensive ones.  If you are new to DJ’ing then you also should not shell out too much money.  This is because you don’t know how business will be.

The good news is that producers of quality mixers and audio equipment in general, like Numark, Denon and American DJ produce excellent economic DJ mixers.

DJ Equipment OptionsAfter the mixer you will need two turntables as well. There are different types of turntables that are readily available. If you are going to use vinyl, then you should get traditional DJ turntables like the Technics 1200’s.  If you are into CD’s and MP3’s there are many options for professional CD players, or digital turntables. In general, turntables are more expensive than simple players, but you may be able to find good ones offered for under $400.

Most DJs however prefer the better brands, because they just feel better.  DJs who like to scratch and spin records prefer the turntables because players only provide sound output like any other CD or DVD player. A new DJ should not overspend on equipment.

One item where you can save money for is the speakers. Speakers are utilized for live events and as a DJ if you will want to limit your costs and not have to rent any equipment in the future. In general the cost of any speaker depends on the price of its output. There are small woofer speakers that a DJ can buy for less than $100. if you are new to the field you might think about buying a DJ controller for beginners.  These are called DJ controllers. These will actually save you money. These packages contain everything you will need.


Using cheap DJ equipment is only advised for new DJs. If you start getting events and start making money then you should think about buying more superior equipment.

These are some of the DJ equipment options that are available if you are just starting out.