‘Flames’ by H3000 – LISTEN

By RawKeith / July 22, 2021

On a plane of existence far removed from ours, H3000, the new musical collaboration from Luke Steele (Empire Of The Sun, The Sleepy Jackson) and Jarrad Rogers (Charli XCX, Lana Del Rey) today release “Flames,” the latest single from their forthcoming cosmic self-titled debut album, set for release on September 17 and available for pre-order HERE now. Watch the official video  below.

Following the release of “July Heat, Running and “Human Heart,” the newest single, Flamesis shuddering, emotive and glitters like a cresting wave shimmering in the sun, swelling and building to become a feat of energy and emotion. Billboard named “July Heat” as one of the best new dance tracks, noting, “Together [Luke Steele and Jarrad Rogers] conjure the futuristic vibes of the year 3000, with their first single ‘July Heat’ giving an optimistic vision of the far-off future. The vocals are pitched up to robot level, and the track is a dually spare and brightly glitchy amalgamation that's altogether sleek as the chrome on your hovercraft.” 360 Magazine praised “Running,” describing it as “an interesting electronic track that is simultaneously catchy but also beautifully surreal in its instrumentals.”

“The light goes up in flames in front of me,” Steele sings, “Then I know the way is clear.” An ode to clarity and inspiration for the eternal at a time of confusion and murkiness, “Flames” is a necessary and timely piece of pop art. “I love the fact that there’s this mixed hope in ‘Flames,’”says Rogers. “It picks you up, and lets you admit where something’s at, and gives you some kind of hope — tells you it’s gonna be okay.”

When someone goes to heaven there are always signs from them, affirmations, signals after they are gone, like lights flickering or the weather changing. That’s what “the light goes up in flames” lyric is referencing — It’s okay, it’s beyond the future, beyond the world. It’s eternal living now.

Whether it’s the fragility of the human heart, a transformative tragedy, or the love of the strange, H3000 comes about from a chance encounter and a musical world yet to be explored. Join ‘LUKE 18’ and ‘MSTR ROGERS’ on this transcendental journey as they take on the year 3000 together. A playable version of Planet 3000, H3000’s visual world, will be made available soon, keep your eyes peeled on your favorite Twitch channels!

H3000 Track Listing

1.      July Heat

2.      Running

3.      Flames

4.      Human Heart

5.      Quicksand

6.      Rest

7.      Thought You Knew

8.      Stay Looking At Me (vinyl exclusive)