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Listen to ‘Give It All You Got’ by Saeed Younan

By RawKeith / June 7, 2019

Saeed Younan has toured with the likes of Carl Cox, been nominated as one of America’s top 100 DJs and been nominated for Beatport’s best Tech – House track award. Needless to say, he's an accomplished and skilled Producer / DJ.

Born in Iraq, Saeed Younan has been living in Washington DC since the 80s. This blend of cultures has led to a diverse bed of musical influences, and this is apparent in 'Give It All You Got'. The percussion is far from typical; syncopated rhythms and fills abound; a tell-tale sign of Saeed’s varied musical and cultural background. The track repeats a motif and builds around it, a rolling bass underneath guarantees that this tune would sound as good on a club system as it does in your favorite headphones.