Watch Lyric Video for ‘Loyal Brave True’ by Christina Aguilera

By RawKeith / March 6, 2020

Multi-platinum and global award-winning superstar singer/songwriter Christina Aguilera is set to perform a new original song, “Loyal Brave True”, and “Reflection (2020)” from Disney’s Mulan.  Both songs will be featured in the film and on the soundtrack via Walt Disney Records/Universal Music Canada, with score composed and conducted by Harry Gregson-Williams, set for release on March 25.  “Loyal Brave True” is available today as a single. The song was written by Jamie Hartman, Harry Gregson-Williams, Rosi Golan and Billy Crabtree, and produced by Jamie Hartman.

President of Music & Soundtracks for Walt Disney Studios, Mitchell Leib, approached the artist on behalf of the project.  “Christina is one of the greatest vocalists of all time. Her original performance of ‘Reflection’ from the animated film when she was a then 16-year-old unknown, holds its appropriate place in the history of music and was a launch pad for her unparalleled career that would follow. As this epic live-action version of Mulan heads to theaters, Christina brings her innate abilities and years of growth as an artist to the film, reprising ‘Reflection’ and performing the new song ‘Loyal Brave True.’ I think these songs will touch today’s moviegoers in that powerful way we saw 22 years ago.”

 Aguilera said, “The film Mulan and the song ‘Reflection’ coincided with getting me my first record deal. It’s amazing to come back to such an incredible movie that’s full of power and meaning, and that meaning holds the test of time: staying true to yourself, being who you are, and teaching how to be fearless.  My new song, ‘Loyal Brave True,’ represents the fine balance between vulnerability and strength.”

 “Reflection (2020)” is produced by Gregson-Williams.  The original 1998 classic was written by David Zippel and Matthew Wilder. Music videos for both tracks featuring Aguilera will be directed by Mulan feature director Niki Caro (“The Zookeeper’s Wife,” “McFarland, USA”) and released later this month.

 Music from both songs is featured in Harry Gregson Williams’ underscore with Aguilera’s full-length versions appearing in the film’s custom main-on-end title design.

You can catch her live in Las Vegas for the final dates of her residency.

Shows are in March and November.